Clients typically engage PWR on complex, strategic challenges facing FDA regulated products for which PWR attorneys, scientists, communications and other experts develop and execute solutions. Expected contribution to patient and public health is key to PWR’s selection of new matters. The same criterion is used to identify the firm’s pro bono efforts.

At PWR we devote ourselves to select clients for strategic projects. Interesting challenges attract us. To meet them, our team deploys curiosity of great breadth and depth, no-holds barred inquiry, and the alchemy of years of experience.

Senior PWR personnel include:

Diane Robertson | Attorney. Scientist. Managing partner. Referee.

Katherine Maynard | Communications. Alliance development. Diplomat.

Ken Wilmarth | Scientist. Public health professional. Skeptic.

Matt Peterson | Attorney. Inquisitorial. Convivial.


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Peterson Wilmarth and Robertson LLP is a law firm
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